What EVERYONE WANTS to know but NO ONE DARES to ask.
— Chipped Diamond

Chipped Diamond Magazine is a collection of creative written, audio and visual works for the everyday-modern professional. Based out of Washington, DC this magazine covers a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: Politics, Fashion, Dating & Dope. Every author has a voice very different from the next. Everything you find here, you have probably looked for somewhere else.

Our phenomenal photographers and videographers depict every story in ways words cannot describe. From the Trayvon Martin tragedy to the end of prohibition of marijuana in DC, we are there to provide you with the scoop; when you need to know where to cop the latest bag or “How to lose a guy in 48 hours," we’ll be there to provide you with an answer!

Chipped Diamond Magazine gives local artists an avenue for expression and provides the subscriber with information about everyday experiences and circumstances –regardless of how much these topics are discussed freely in mainstream society. CDM discloses what EVERY ONE Wants to Know, but NO ONE Dares to Ask.

Chipped Diamond Magazine releases fresh material weekly and a printed/ downloadable edition on a monthly basis. All of our writers are permitted and encouraged to speak freely and fiercely about issues that matter to our readers. We cater to all modern day professionals and people in general with visual, digital, printed and audio media.

All of our contributors, advisors, partners, investors, sponsors, subscribers and supporters are held at the highest regard and CDM is forever grateful for your generous contributions. We intend to maintain a wonderful working relationship with every individual and organization and CDM hopes you look forward to our next Edition.

Feel free to contact us at Info@chippeddiamondmagazine.com