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Braxton Telleria is a finance professional in DC with a Distinguished degree of Sociology from the University of Virginia (UVA)... don't ask about the lack of correlation there. Prior to university, Braxton did 2 years of missionary work in Canada. His work there was of a religious nature and catered towards the Spanish speaking population (Spanish and Canada, random). While at UVA his studies focused on violence, gender and race. Interests and activities outside of class included work with an all male sexual assault advocacy group - 1 in 4, the Take Back the Night campaign (an organization whose focus empowers survivors of sexual assault), and work with a committee who liaised with the UVA police department aimed at improving the University's response to sexual assault.

Additionally, Braxton was active in the Salsa club, the Latin student groups, and the gay community. His thesis examined crime reports disseminated at universities and how their language negatively affected survivors of sexual assault, as well as, the portrayal of black men and black male criminality. Since graduating he has developed his interest in drug politics, the mass industrialized prison complex, sex trafficking and all things sexual assault related. When he is not working or learning he is most likely traveling, binge watching Netflix, attending DC nightlife and dancing; latin dance, country, hip hop, club dancing etc... he likes to dance.

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