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Welcome to Little Bitty City One- the home of a post-grad, post-srat, post-FRAT, native Marylander living the dream in our nation’s capital. I love animal print, preppy patterns, bows, and the color pink… and also the rest of the colors. I’m finally making peace with heels and refuse to believe that leggings are not (sometimes) pants. I believe in monograms, big bags, and expression through fashion. I always rock my silver bangle arm party and usually a sparkly finger nail- or 10. I’m always down for brunch (Chesapeake poached eggs and a Bloody Mary, please!) or a shot of Fireball. I still rock out to the pop punk you liked in high school, and I’m not ashamed. Most of all- I’m unapologetic about being me, and I hope you like it that way.