Art is whatever makes you proud to be human
— Amiri Baraka

Chloe Aquil 

President & Editor-in-Chief

Co-Host of CDM's POTcast

“There is something about words-on-paper that resonate like no other form of communication.”

Chloe Aquil is a Nigerian-American, Washington DC Native who has always had a passion for writing and the visual arts. From an early age it was very evident that literature held a special place for Chloe; she would create poetry and recite it to whoever would listen. Her love for literature would often keep Chloe awake late in to the night with a flashlight under her pillow so that lights out never meant she had to be without a book. It wasn’t atypical for Chloe to read every suggested, recommended and required book for school over the summers. The passion for literature was not only limited to reading but all things books; she would use cardboard boxes to make hard backs and old clothes to make soft unique book covers – additionally she developed a passion for writing and entered every writing competition that was offered. #overachiever

Eventually, Chloe’s love for literature brought her to Trinity University, where should attain a degree in English. While attending Trinity University she enrolled in photography classes and thus was born her second love; she fell in love with the idea of being able to capture still and moving objects and people however she wanted, in whatever light she wanted, focusing on what she wanted. “Writing and photography are the clearest ways to show feeling and expression, and one does not have to relate to interpret what they see”.

Chloe believes experience is the best teacher; after several life-changing events, she continues to grow as an artist and believes in the power of self-healing – and shares this healing through expressive writing.  Chloe’s writing has been published in Adult Anthologies, EROS 369 Volume I and EROS 369 Volume II.  She has had several blogs, interviewing a variety of artists and was a contributor for a local digital publication, Elite DC Magazine. Her passion for writing is heavily inspired by her favorite poet and novelist, Amiri Baraka. She has performed locally, and internationally at open-mic platforms, fundraising events, and is overwhelmingly excited about her vision of Chipped Diamond Magazine coming into fruition – giving local artists with similar visions an avenue for expression and providing the subscriber with a comforting relatable sense of peace stemming from intimate and private circumstances that one may not be feel comfortable facing in any other way.

Chloe welcomes all ideas, inquiries and feedback – please feel free to contact her at: