Grey and Blue Bedroom

I never considered grey until I started working in DC. I’ve said that plenty of times, mostly about clothes. However, I’ve started loving it in home decor too. I know that white is chic and lovely,  but I grew up in a house that was 100% livable with a realistic woman who saw white as a stain magnet. I, personally, am a stain magnet as well. Add that to the fact I got and destroyed a lovely white fur carpet for my first place- white is just not feasible for me in home decor that will be touched/ used regularly. Grey is a great alternative. It’s a neutral, it’s soft, it’s calming to me. It also comes in so many shades so it’s pretty versatile, as far as colors go.

Blue has also been on my decorating radar, but for much longer. My room growing up was pink on pink on rainbow on pink, so when I re-did it my senior year of college, I wanted none of that. It’s now navy, yellow, and red. The rich navy carpet looks super luxe, but robins egg, aqua, or periwinkle look so pretty with grey! My next place is definitely going to have a grey + blue oasis for a bedroom.