Adler Inspired

I remember the first time I ever heard of Johnathan Adler. I was sitting under the processor at my hair salon flipping through a magazine that was showcasing homes of designers. I cannot remember another designer mentioned, much less their abodes, because I instantaneously fell in love with the amazing pop art/ mod feel of the Adler home. The colors! The shapes! It’s like a laugh of someone cool was captured and turned into a room.

Let’s be real though, I cannot afford to shop at the JA store on Wisconsin, so I’ll just have to draw inspiration. I figured, like me, many of my readers cannot afford $500 floor cushions, so I wanted to share some comparable pieces that fall in line with a more reasonable budget. I never considered orange in my decorating until Adler, and now Kendall and I are doing our living room in orange and navy… I’ll let him think it’s for the Auburn colors. These are just some of the pieces I’ve been looking at- I can’t wait to show you all what my new place looks like when it’s all done!

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