How Many Swipes Are In A Tube of Lipstick?

Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to finish a lipstick, foundation, or tinted moisturizer? And what about skincare? Product usage is so personal (based on a number of factors) that it is hard to estimate how long any product will last. 

Not too long ago Birchbox actually conducted a study on how long it would take someone to use an average size lipstick and concluded that the average number of swipes in a tube of lipstick is 293. That means, if you applied your lipstick three times per day, every day, you would run out just past the three month mark. However, Robyn from Brightest Bulb in the Box Blog also conducted her own study (in response to Birchbox) and concluded that Birchbox's estimate was far too low. Robyn, suggested that someone can use an average of 0.008g per application, so to estimate how many applications are in a tube, you take the mass of product in grams and divide that number by 0.008. 

All this is interesting as no one every wants to be caught without having enough product and we would find it most convenient if we could re-order an item before we find ourselves in desperate need. 

We are not going to start a study of our own, but wanted to challenge you to discover how much product you actually use. Using lipstick as an example, below are some interesting facts that we discovered to help shed light on why no one woman uses the same amount of product, not just compared to others but based on her own habits and features.  

Your Usage, Your Habits

  • Women have different size lips, which is beautiful. Therefore if you have fuller lips ( like I do) you will use a bit more product. Likewise, if you have smaller, thinner lips than you will likely use less product.
  •  If you want to add more drama by adding lipstick above and below the outline of your lips –again you are using more product. 
  • How dark you like your lip color to be for a lip that truly pops, will determine how much more product you use.
  • Drink coffee, water, tea a lot during the day? You are going to need to reapply frequently. If you are reapplying a few times a day, you would likely use at the very least double what the woman who only applies her lipstick once a day does.
  • Have dry lips or your lip color dries out your lips (matte anyone)? You will also tend to reapply more product to keep you lip color looking fresh and crisp. 
  • Everyone has their everyday go to shade and some shades that are only worn a few times a month. This too impacts how long it will take you to use an everyday staple vs. a date night must vs. a Sunday brunch with the girls favorite. 

Now that you know how and why no two women will be the same, sure there will be some similarities to use as a starting point, are you up to the challenge to see how long it will take you to use your make-up and skincare products?

-Sheena Deanne