Funny Valentine

Happy last day of January! With February coming in fast, all I’ve been thinking about is Valentine’s Day, so I apologize if you’re not into it because I have at least a few more Valentine’s Day related posts coming your way.

I came across this adorable sweater last year around Valentine’s Day, but I wear it year round as coze clothes or over my yoga tanks. I wanted to try dressing it up for work, and since I’ve been playing around with pattern-mixing, the gingham in the same red + white seemed like just the thing. There was actually snow on the ground in DC yesterday morning, then it got progressively colder as the day wore on- reminding me just how wonderful the whole button-down-under-a-sweater layering thang could be. And don’t worry ma (or Kendall), I’m not barelegged, I just found the most amazing nude pantyhose at Macy’s this year. They’ve held up better than most of my sheer tights and I still get to show off my legs without freezing. Win/ win.

I am pretty obsessed with this poppin’ red though. This time of year, when it’s so gloomy and chilly, it’s nice to put on something bright and top it off with a smile.