An Interview with:  Deangelo Redman 


“Family & Friends Inspire Me. Life Inspires Me.”


Making the Band was an ABC/MTV television series or reality TV show that had several seasons, from it, came several groups all of which were overseen by Diddy except for O-town. Washington DC’s own, DeAngelo Redman is most known for being casted on the Making the Band 4, and making it all the way through to the final cut. So many short-lived careers have come from Reality TV, but DeAngelo Redman says that this will not be the case for him; and he is READY for his reign.

 Tell us about your background and how you got s started?

I grew up in Washington, DC. I had an Arts-influenced background growing up, and was involved in a lot of things. I became known in my city for performing live; before gaining both International and National attention after appearing on MTVs making the Band 4.

Where have you been?

I've been around! It's been a crazy few years. But I’ve been traveling doing what I've learned I've had to do, being a part of this "World". 

 How have you matured over the years? 

I've matured into a MAN. I've been put in so many situations that have led to my maturity both mentally and spiritually. The crazy thing is that, I’ve found that some of my most difficult times have led me to learn myself and align what I need to be in place to simply have that balance of happiness and fulfillment, alongside circumstances and reality… This game has taught me that it's just that... A Game…I'm steady playing and maturing every day that I decide to keep at it.

How would you categorize your style of singing? Any close competition? 

I really can't say in the sense of categories. It's definitely an R&B smoothness yet a Gospel Influence type of voice... I don't know, but what I'm sure of is that there's no competition that I see as the least egotistical way. There are guys that may remind someone of my voice or vice versa.  But I don't usually see or hear it. On the other hand I'm close in age with some of the guys like Chris, Trey, and Miguel. So we may just be put in the same group.

Who inspires you? What inspires you? 

My family and friends inspire me, life inspires me. There are some people, as far as music is concerned that inspire me; however, these past few years-It may sound crazy- but my down period far as success was concerned, began to inspire me in ways I never thought possible.

Describe your best on-stage moment thus far? What about your best off-stage moment? 

Best on stage moment was when I performed in Africa for the first time. Best off stage moment had to be when I met Patti Labelle. I've met several people. Some of which I enjoyed and watched growing up. We, talked and kept it moving, but I was standing in front of Patti. That was a crazy yet unexpected and inspirational day. Literally like the best five minutes I've ever experienced clothed. But then I saw Tyrese in the kitchen singing with her, and felt that my moment with her was definitely topped and I want a do-over.

Who have you loved working with?

 I've had some of the DOPEST sessions of songs that never came close to releasing. One that comes to mind is my man Jim Beanz, he's out of Timberland’s camp; a part of the music producing on Empire. Back when I had signed to Puff, we had locked in on some music and it was one of the times when I was vocally produced at my best. I have a few friends who are not as well- known that just get me, and I love working with them.

 Is there anyone that you really want to work with? 

That list can be a lil’ weird... Let me think, Prince, Lenny Kravitz. Ye and Pharrel on some production, I need Jazmine Sullivan on a duet. I actually just need her to give me her vocal chords. Brandy has to be someone, probably at the top of female singers I'd love to work with.

 A few years ago I overheard you express a strong appreciation for women; so please elaborate. 

 Everyone that knows me knows that I truly love and adore the Ladies.  I grew up close with my mom, a single mother, she had me at 18. So we grew and learned together. A woman was truly my first best friend, my first pure genuine experience of love. I've just always been surrounded by Great Women so I have a soft spot and connection with them. From the ones who I'm romantically involved with to the ones I call my family.

 When your audience members and supporters see you what do you want to be the first thing that comes to their minds? What image do you want them to be left with?

I often wonder what they see. Even after getting styled or being at my best physically and vocally. I still wonder what they're seeing. 

 If you had to describe yourself in with one word it would be? It would beKING” in all capital letters.

Are you currently working on any big projects, what can we expect to see from you next? 

I'm currently in a new season of my overall.  So I'm embracing everything that I feel and know is my gift to share with the world. I’m working on a few film and TV projects, and traveling with staged-plays. A lot of people are just coming to find out that I’ve always been heavily into acting as well.  I’m finally back in the studio after figuring out my place and where I needed to be musically. I have a clothing line that is in the works of producing called KARM which stands for Keep a Royal Mentality; A slogan that I plan to take on a school tour this upcoming year. Where I want to share my story thus far and give younger artist a insight on my situation, and the fight of keeping your mind on a certain level in order to fulfill the Dream and Complete the Mission.