Congress Crosses the Line of Protest to Join DC Protestors Marching Against Police Brutality

By Chloe Aquil 

Photographs by: VMK Photos

There’s nothing like a good ‘ol protest! On July 7th 2016 at 8:00 pm, approximately 4000 people gathered at the White House to protest against police brutality. There were people of all races and cultures who were outraged and protesting with passion looking for answers now! The group gathered at the White House and after about 30 minutes began walking the 1.7 miles in an organized fashion to the United States Capitol building. The Capitol building was locked at the gate and there were several police officers on guard on the ground, on the walls, on posts, and in the air. The crowd belted out and repeated harmonious chants, some of them were:

  “No Justice, No Peace!”   “Hey Hey! Ho Ho!, These racist cops have got to go!”  “Black Lives Matter” “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!”   “F!@# Donald Trump!”

After the crowd arrived to the Capitol building they rushed the first gate that was meant to block them out. When they arrived to the second gate, there were additional levels of building coverage and the police started to threaten to pepper spray the crowd. The crowd became infuriated and did not move.

One protester belted out “Are you going to follow that order? Are you going to pepper spray thousands of people for a non-violent protest? What’s your motivation?”
After an hour of the police trying to get the protesters to disperse several members of Congress came outside on the front and addressed the crowd. Among the members of Congress were, US Representative of Louisiana Cedric Richmond, US Representative of California Maxine Waters, Us Representative of Indiana Andre Carson and many others. At one point, Representative Maxine Waters waved her first and yelled out over the bull horn that she was “Sick of this shit!” and began chanting.

After several minutes the congressman decided to cross the line of protest and join the crowd in an organized walk back to the White House, and the rally ended shortly thereafter.

My 5 Favorite Occurrences of the March:

1)      This rally was led by a group of African Americans in a very organized fashion of whom did not know each other before the actual rally.

2)      The sign “ White Silence in Violence”

3)      That Congress openly admitted that the actions that have taken place in the United States by these corrupt police officers are out of line

4)      people aren’t afraid to take a stand

5)      Many protesters walked arm in arm with members of Congress protesting down the streets of Washington DC