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By day, Red Lips & Chardonnay is your typical tightly wound, wrap dress & high-heel wearing IT Project Manager, but by night she’s a free-spirited hippie who makes soap and candles in her basement and loves to fix problems. She also loves to give advice and support to her friends and loved ones through conversation- almost always over a lovely, full-bodied Chardonnay. Her passion is writing about love and life. And Chardonnay, of course.

As for her academic background, Red Lips & Chardonnay has a BS in IT Systems, an MA in Communications and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Science in Information Systems and Communication (the perfect combination of both degrees). The focus of her doctoral research is an exploration of the impact of “selfie culture” on self-esteem in millennial female social media users. This is due to her genuine interest in women’s issues such as body-shaming and facebook-induced depression.

Red Lips & Chardonnay has had extensive training in Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching from the Teleos Institute. She in no way identifies herself as a self-help guru nor therapist but is here to provide honest insight about self-awareness, self-love and the maintenance of important relationships-and also the importance of knowing when to let things go. Life can be draining. This is a social media-driven, racially-charged, “Keeping up with the Joneses” climate.  It is important to find your Zen and maintain it.

Her personal mantra is “Follow Your Bliss” and she is constantly inspired by the beauty in everyday things…especially the beauty of personal growth. She believes that everyone has the power to live an amazing life once they look inward openly and honestly. The Find Your Zen column welcomes your questions and feedback anytime at