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Now, what I am about to share is going to be jaw dropping, but not impossible.

My husband was in the living room in his favorite chair, I am sitting on the sofa next to him re-twisting BD#2’s hair, while Trinity is being helped with her homework by BD #1.  Dean was in the room playing and wanted some chips and I said "hey, I’m not here, ask your dad".  Trinity wanted to go over a friend’s house after completing her homework and again, "ask your dad, he's right there".  

This sort of parent/friend relationship didn’t happen overnight.  This kind of maturity comes with time and understanding that it will help decide what is in the best interest of our children.  Blended families are never easy mix, but even harder when the children suffer.

Topics like these won't be for every blended family, but it's worth giving it a shot.  What harm can come from it?  The worst that could happen is that you try it, and it actually works.  My blended family works for me and I will continue to share my stories in hopes that it may work for you and your children too.


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